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Release Notes and News

Bug fixes:

  • Auto-fill does not populate billing flag properly fixed

  • User get “Too many requests error” fixed

  • Hotkey throws error when user does not have global permission to access the app fixed

Bug fixes:

  • Details Report and Export throws error fixed

Custom fields in Details report are now available!

Access Timetracker REST API with API Token

Log Work on Behalf of Other Users

Bug fixes:

  • False missing permission message when user does not have “Permission to report other users worklogs” fixed

Save and Load Your Reports!

Bug fixes:

  • Logged times does not rilled up properly on Epic level when a filter is used on Timesheet reprot fixed

  • Log Work dialog displays a blank white background when Dark themes is used fixed

Bug fixes:

  • User is displayed/summarized incorrectly if the Issue is present in the grouping on Timesheet report fixed

Epic and Sub-task level in Timesheet Report has been added


  • Issue “glance” changed to “context

  • Documentation links updated

Bug fixes:

  • Unable to add new Tag fixed


  • Omit “Discovery” project type Isses from the Issue picker

Bug fixes:

  • Calendar info position fixed

  • Tags picker cursor position fixed

  • Glance sometimes loads without time tracking data being loaded fixed

New Global Permission to control Timetracker Access

  • Sync screen has been reworked and now it does not block users from using the app when a synchronization is running on the background

  • New feature to roll up times from issues and sub-tasks to an Epic in the Timetracker right side panel (glance)

  • Issue info dialogs sometimes stuck on Timeline fixed

New View Other Users' Timeline and Calendar feature

  • Extend Tags API with Create, Update and Delete methods

  • Timeline paging error fixed

Public REST API for Timetracker

Load only 1 day on timeline initially and load more if spaces allows to prevent too many requests.

Hide closed Issues in the picker

Reorder and display/hide fields

Calendar and other improvements

Introducing the new Tags and Billing features!

Bug fixes:

  • Report throws JQL error for some users fixed

  • Duplicated worklogs with missing Edit Won wqorklog permission fixed

Bug fixes:

  • Fixed “Too many requests” when searching Issue

  • Fixed 12h format options in Preferences


  • Prefrences option renamed

  • Survey option removed

Reworked Issue picker filters and new Favorite Issues feature: Favorite Issues and new filter placement

New dialog and calendar improvements:

Bug fixes:

  • Timeline daily badge does not respect excluded/included days fixed

  • Include Epic Link, Sub-task option does not represent in Excel/CSV export fixed


  • Option to select time unit format on reports on-the-fly

  • Users preferences changes for better onboarding experience


  • Users can now dismiss the banner on the Timeline page forever

  • Option to hide description field on Timeline has been added to the … options

Bug fixes:

  • Timesheet report does not display correct values due to time zone issue fixed

  • Calendar does not display worklog card due to time zone issue fixed

  • Reporting display Data synch warning due to time zone issue has been fixed

  • Repeat option date picker does not display filled days correctly fixed

Bugfix release:

  • Timesheet report header missing with some configured date formats fixed

  • Repeat option stays active after logging periodic work fixed

  • User unable to load the app with corrupted properties fixed

Bugfix release:

  • Timesheet report time zone issue fixed

  • Timeline worklog update moves worklog to another date fixed

Timeline improvements:

  • Auto-fill input fields

  • Display and log work with only Duration field

  • Hide or display the daily tracker

  • Various bug fixes

Timeline bugfix:

  • Fixed “Max 100 issue limit exceeded in query” error that caused Issues not to appear on the Timeline after creating a worklog

Timeline improvements:

  • Wider lines and better screen resolution responsiveness

  • Days of the week overview badge has been added

  • Weekly and Monthly progress bars have been added

Bug fixes:

  • Invalid date on calendar when there is a difference between the local and the configured time zone in Jira fixed

  • Recently worked on Issue picker grouping only displays the recently visited Issues fixed

  • Invalid Duration and Time field positions on Daily work view fixed

  • Cannot edit worklog on calendar when reached daily maximum loggable hours fixed


  • Display configured time zone in Jira for the user on the Calendar view

  • Issue picker opens when navigating on it with the tab key

  • Always displaying “Today” button on Timeline, Daily workl and Calendar view

Bug fixes:

  • Repeat worklog dialog does not reset after logged fixed

  • Calendar date picker position fixed

  • Survey feedback button effect position on Safari fixed

  • Cannot unselect or leave Start, End time and Duration field on Safari fixed

Introducing the new Timeline interface!

The new Timeline will replace the old Daily Work page. Currently it is only available to certain users (including you if you’re reading this). We expect to roll out to all customers by the end of August 2022.

Bug fixes:

  • On Issue Summary report page roll up functions not working fixed

  • Rolled up times does not present in Issue Summary report export fixed


  • In this version we changed how the project and filter picker works. From now on

    • the selected projects will be in an "OR" logical relationship with each other

    • the selected filters will be in an "OR" logical relationship with each other

    • the selected filter (s) and project (s) will be in an "AND" logical relationship with each other

Bug fixes:

  • Migration from Jira Server stuck at 0% using JCMA fixed


  • We introduced two new keyboard shortcuts to help our users work even more effeiciently. For more info: New Keyboard Shortcuts

  • Support more than one “Story Points” field as columns in the details report

Bug fixes:

  • Glance authors display to all users without the correct permission fixed

  • Timesheet Export missing summary/description column fixed

  • Synchronization stuck at 0% when there is no existing Issue in the Jira instance fixed

2022.04.01. incident

  • We take various changes after the incident to prevent it to happen again

  • Various bug fixes

  • Synchronization screen won’t be displayed when logging work


  • Reporting performance improvements

  • New improved user/group and project/filter pickers on the reports

  • Timetracker Issue glance Jira mobile app compatibility

Bug fixes:

  • Firefox global setting placeholder issue fixed

  • Epic Issue type icon does not load fixed

  • Calendar date picker does not refresh when logging work fixed

Bug fixes:

  • No error message thrown on calendar when mandatroy worklog description is enabled fixed

  • Error message trhown on Issue when the user does not have Edit Issue permission fixed

  • Issue picker not in focus when creating interval worklog on calendar fixed

  • UI fixes

New improved navigation and UI!


  • New sidebar navigation

  • Redesigned reporting UI

  • Redesigned Issue panel UI

  • New Issue Glance view

Bug fixes:

  • Calendar drag and resize worklog time zone issue fixed

  • Wrong Issue Summary formatting on cards fixed


  • Caching global configurations to improve performance

  • Various performance improvements

Bug fixes:

  • Changing Jira site name cause error fixed

  • App migration throws error or do not progress further fixed

  • Various calendar bug fixes

  • Period restrictions do not apply when logging time fixed

  • Firefox compatibility fixes

  • User Summary Report gadget throws error when worklog is logged to a future date fixed


  • New Worklog Calendar!

  • Reporting performance improvement (caching issues)

  • Timesheet report UI improvement

  • Instant group by in timesheet report

  • Searchable field picker in details report

  • Changed multi issue selector to single selector displaying more info

  • New key shortcut to create worklog with Ctrl+Enter

  • Increased period limit from 20 to 30

  • New iso8601 user setting, where users can select the First day of the week

Bug fixes:

  • Timesheet export additional days fixed

  • Timesheet report missing month fixed

  • Summary report page select problem fixed


  • Agile fields added to Details report and export: Epic Name, Epic Link, Epic Links, Sprint, Story Points, Story Points Estimate

  • Service Desk fields added to Details report and export: Request Type, Organizations, Request Participants, Satisfaction, Satisfaction date

  • Bug Fixes:

    • Start Time is wrong when editing existing worklog on Issue fixed

    • Calendar only highlights one month fixed

  • Improvements:

    • Performance improvements, especially on the performance of exports in large amounts of data

    • There will be less maintenance time in the future due to architectural improvements

    • Footer was removed from the UI, introduced a new menu in the upper right corner

    • New “Log another” option on the Log work dialog

    • Sticky headers on the Details and Summary reports

    • Compatibility with the new version of Jira Migration Assistant app

  • Input validation error fixed

  • Parent/Child columns added to Details Report

  • Some setting options has been renamed

  • Settings now saved by entering the value

  • Some user settings has been unified or removed

    • Show remaining estimate options

    • Period worklogs

    • Work logging mode

    • Default active field

    • Navigation

  • New Start Time, End Time and Duration input fields has been reworked to be more dynamic

  • Date range picker errors fixed

  • Details report export now have “Current fields” and “All fields” options

  • Timesheet export only exports the first page fixed

  • Number and date field now get proper format in Excel exports

  • Column order changes in Details report and export

  • “End Time” column and value has been added to Details report

  • Avatars and logos added to reports

  • Save selected columns for the users on the Timetracker page

  • Report does not load when filter name contains special character fixed

  • Issue panel shows error fixed

  • Various small fixes

  • New data re-synchronization option for Jira admins in the Global settings has been added

  • Date and range picker added to Reporting

  • Issue picker character encoding issue fixed

  • ISO8601 setting does not apply to calendars fixed

  • Progress bar shows incorrect expected time fixed

  • Timesheet report unexpected errors fixed

  • Small bug fixes

  • “Permission to use Timetracker” option renamed to “Permission to Log Work”

  • New Issue picker grouping option as “All Issues”

  • Various code refactors

  • Start time does not change when moving worklog on Timetracker screen fixed

  • Start time, End Time and Duration calculations are wrong fixed

  • Chart reporting tooltips now displaying more information

  • Various security issues has been fixed (reported on Bug Bounty program)

  • Log Work/Edit Work dialog redesign

  • Issue Panel redesign

  • Export report dialog redesign

  • Code refactors

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