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Calendar and other improvements

We are happy to announce some small yet significant enhancements to Timetracker

Worklog card resizing on the Calendar

Adjusting the height of the worklog card

It is now also possible to adjust the height of a card by dragging its top and set the worklog's start time by resizing it.

Fill the gaps between worklogs easily

By double-clicking on the top or bottom of the worklog cards, they will adjust to the next/previous worklog or the configured start/end of working hours.

Time tracking data on worklog card details

You can now view the time tracking data by clicking on the calendar cards.

Quick info about Issues

On every interface where our Issue picker is visible, hovering the mouse above a selected Issue will display essential Issue information, such as summary, assignee, status, and time tracking data.

Additional improvements

  • Enhancements to our duration parser to support even more formats while respecting Jira settings.

  • Aligning the content to the top of each row (instead of vertically aligned) in the Details report to enhance readability.

We hope you will enjoy these new features! We welcome your feedback and encourage you to let us know what you think!

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