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Timeline improvements

We've recently introduced the new Timeline interface that features quick worklog editing and planning and based on your feedback we have made some improvements.

Auto-fill input fields

You can now enable an option in the … menu. With the option enabled, the Start time field will be filled out with the end time of the previous worklog, and the end time will default to the exact current time to facilitate a quick and continuous work logging experience. Both time input field suggestions now also contain exact times, not just rounded units and the current time.

Display and log work with only the Duration field

You can now enable an option in the … menu to only display the Duration input field on the worklogs. In this case, every created worklog will be logged with the configured default start time.

Hide or display the daily tracker

You can now enable an option in the … menu to hide the daily tracker above the days and focus on the worklogs data only. This can be helpful for users who only use the duration field to log their work.

Weekly overview and progress

We now display the initial letters of the days and the number of working hours booked for them, and we have provided the weekly and monthly progress bar.

You’ll also see we’ve made the interface wider and improved the screen resolution responsiveness to make important information more visible. We also delivered various bug fixes that we identified or were reported.

Please take a look, test out these changes and let us know what you think!

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