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Worklog Calendar enables users to view, create and manage worklogs easily on a calendar canvas.

The navigation is on the top of the page, above the canvas. The visible elements from left to right are the following:

  • Datepicker: Users can select the desired date. Selecting it will load the corresponding view and worklogs of the day/week/month (depending on the selected view).

  • Steppers and Today: Users can navigate between the periods. Based on the selected view, the navigation buttons will load the previous or the next day/week/month and the corresponding worklogs. Pushing the „Today” button will load the current day or the current day’s period (week or month, depending on the selected view).

  • Current period: The selected date or date range (depending on the selected view) as a text.

  • Current period progress bar and work summary: A visual indicator of the expected vs. logged work on that period, as it can be seen currently on the Timetracker page with „Summary progress bar”. The expected hours are calculated based on the configured working days and hours in Jira Time Tracking Settings. 

  • View selector: Users can choose from the day, week and month view. This determines how many days they can see on the calendar canvas. The default view is the week of current date.

  • Log Work: Clicking on the Log Work button will open the dialog where you can see the same input fields and configured options as on the Timetracker screen.

  • Preferences: Under the “…” button, you can set your calendar preferences.


  • Worklog card layout: Configure what fields should be visible or not on the worklog cards.

    • Show or hide description field

    • Show or hide tags field

    • Show or hide Billing field

  • Week layout: Option to hide or display weekends on both the Calendar and the Timeline pages.

  • My Working Hours: You can set your usual daily start and end times here. The hours between these times will be displayed with white background, while other hours with grey background to help you quickly review your working hours on the canvas.

Worklog cards

If worklogs have been created in the selected period by the current user they are displayed as „Cards” on the canvas.

Each card represents a worklog. The position and the length of the card are defined by the worklog’s start date and duration. If worklogs overlap, they appear stacked on top of each other.

As on the Timeline page, now worklog cards on the Calendar also have a bar with a color automatically derived from the project of the worklog's assigned Issue.

You can easily move your worklogs by dragging the cards to a new time or even across days.

You can modify the duration of your worklogs by resizing the worklog cards.

It is now also possible to adjust the height of a card by dragging its top and set the worklog's start time by resizing it.

Fill the gaps between worklogs easily

By double-clicking on the top or bottom of the worklog cards, they will adjust to the next/previous worklog or the configured start/end of working hours.

Log work on a Day

  1. Click the start time once on a day where you want to log time, or click the start time and drag to the end time to log your work.

  2. Fill in the Log Work dialog, and click “Save” when you're done.

  3. A worklog is created for this Jira issue on this date.

Drag issues from issues side panel

  1. Expand the Issues side panel by clicking the arrow < in the middle of the right border of the calendar.

  2. Search for an issue based on your configures Issue Picker setting.

  3. Drag it to the day and start time where you want to log work.

  4. Fill in the Log Work dialog, and click “Save” when you're done.

  5. A worklog is created for this Jira issue on this date.

Edit Worklog

To edit a worklog:

  1. double click on the worklog card,

  2. or open the detail view of the worklog card and click on the Edit icon to open the Edit worklog form.

View Details

Clicking on a card will open an inline dialog where you can see more details about the worklog, and three action buttons:

  • Edit

  • Duplicate

  • Delete

Copy or duplicate worklog

  1. You can duplicate a worklog by clicking on the Duplicate icon on the card details view. This will create an identical worklog for the same Issue, day and time.

  2. You can copy a worklog by holding down the Ctrl key and dragging a card to another day or time. This will create an identical worklog for the same Issue on the selected day and time.

View other user’s calendar

You can switch to another user’s calendar by clicking on the User icon. This will reload the Calendar with that user’s worklogs - so you can see precisely what they working on and when.

Please note that at the moment you can only view other’s calendar. Creating and editing worklogs for other users is on our Feature Roadmap.

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