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The settings available on this page will only be visible and applied to the current user, so they can tailor the interfaces to their own need when managing their work.

Timetracker defaults

Default date

You can select the default day on which the Timetracker page opens. Choose between the current date or the first unfilled day of last week.

  • Current Date - The current date will be set up as the default value.

  • Last date without worklog - Returns the oldest day without logged work of the past week by default. If each and every day is logged appropriately, then the current day is returned. When determining the oldest blank day, the plugin considers the list of exclude and include dates.

Working hours

You can set the start and end time here for your daily working hours. Only hours can be set. These will be used as suggestions when logging work and display this range on Calendar and Timeline.

Date and time settings

First day of the week

You can select the first day of the week for the date pickers and calendar.

  • Monday

  • Sunday

Date format

You can select from the following date formats:





You can also specify other date format here overwriting the field. (info) For possible formats, review the Date/Time format page.

Time format

You can select from the following time formats:

  • HH:mm

  • H:mm

  • HH:mm a

  • H:mm a

You can also specify other time format here overwriting the field. (info) For possible formats, review the Date/Time format page.

Time spent and estimates format

Time spent, time estimates, etc will be displayed in the selected format. You can choose between these two options:

  • Jira Time Tracking Default: the configured time format in JIRA's Time Tracking settings. (eg. 1h 30m)

  • Decimal Hours: logged hours will be displayed in decimal number format. (Eg.: 1.5)


Notification of future work logging

If you want to be notified if you've logged work in the future unintentionally, Timetracker will notify you. You can turn on/off the notification of future work logging.

Issue picker

Show closed Issues in the picker

If disabled, Issues in the “Done“ status category won't be displayed or searchable in the Issue picker. Note, that you can still log your time directly on these Issues.

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