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JWT authentication method (Deprecated)

This authentication method is deprecated and no longer recommended.

The JWT token is only valid for 15 minutes and only suitable for limited tasks. Use the new API Token-based authentication method instead.

JWT Token

You will need a JWT token to make a request. The JWT token is valid for ~15m.

  1. Get an Atlassian API token from for your user.

  2. Make a GET request with Basic Authorization to the specified URL with the following credentials in the authorization request header:
    username = Your email adress / username
    password = The Atlassian API token

  3. Get the contextJwt property from the response.

  4. When calling the Timetracker Public API you need to pass this token in the x-everit-jwt header in the following format: "x-everit-jwt": "JWT <contextJwt>"

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