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Timetracker is now free for teams of 10 or fewer

We’ve updated our Timetracker cloud app pricing options, and we’re pleased to inform you that it will now be free for teams with 10 or fewer members!

That means, if your Atlassian instance has 10 or fewer users, you can use Timetracker to extend and customize Atlassian Jira to fit your team’s needs, regardless of your budget.

Who is covered by the new free pricing level?

Customers with 10 or fewer users licensed for the host product can use the application for free.

As it is stated in Atlassian’s licensing guide: “Purchase the license tier that matches the number of users you have licensed for your host product. For example, if you have a 25-user Jira license, purchase the Jira app at the 25-user tier. The app will only function if its license matches or exceeds the tier of the host product – even if only some of your licensed users need to use the app.”

Does the new price point only apply to free 1-10 user host application instances?

The new price point applies to ALL 1-10 user cloud instances, regardless of the host application edition. 

Will customers still get to try the app despite the app being Free for up to 10 users?

Yes, Atlassian will continue to offer a 30-day trial to all customers irrespective of their user tier and also if an app offers a $0 price for a 1-10 user tier.

How will renewal work for currently active 1-10 user tier subscriptions?

Any existing customer using Timetracker and having less than or equal to 10 users, will be moved to the updated pricing plan allowing them to use the app for free. This will happen upon renewal for monthly and annual customers.

For customers evaluating the app, a renewal order will be created for the site which will also renew the app with a list price of $0.

If a customer upgrades from Free edition to Standard or higher edition, what does it mean for app billing?

The customers will be able to use the app for free as long as they have less than 10 users, even if the customer upgrades the product edition from Free to Standard or any other higher edition.

Will EverIT increase the price from $0 to a non-zero price?

We are committed to this decision and do not plan to change the price for this tier in the foreseeable future.

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