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Timesheet BETA

The Timesheet Report provides a comprehensive timesheet table and a detailed view of worklogs, organized in a structured format and summarized by various fields, including custom fields.

The new Timesheet report is currently in BETA, which means users may encounter bugs or issues that will be addressed as quickly as possible. Our goal is to eventually replace the old Timesheet report entirely with this new, improved version. The new Timesheet report includes all the features of the old one and even extends them. Your old saved reports will be preserved and can be used with the new version as well in the future, and even the new ones that you create with the new version.

Your feedback is crucial in helping us fine-tune and perfect it. After trying out the new Timesheet report, please share your thoughts with us via the Feedback Form on the report page or raise a Support Ticket for us. Your insights will directly impact the final version of the report.

How to Access the Timesheet Report

  • Go to the "Reports" section of the app.

  • Select the "Timesheet BETA" option.

How to Use the Timesheet Report

Group by Fields

  • Grouping Data: Easily group your data by fields or custom fields using the Group By picker. Search for and select the desired fields.

  • Removing Grouping Levels: To remove a level of grouping, click "Group by," then click the "x" next to the specified group level. The removed level will appear as an additional column in the timesheet grid.


  • Reordering Hierarchy: Reorder the hierarchy by dragging and dropping the group by fields.

  • Expand/Collapse: Expand or collapse each hierarchy level as needed, and sort by any of them for a more organized view.


Period selector

Each column in the timesheet represents a day, week, month, quarter, or year, depending on the option you select in the Period drop-down menu.


Additional Columns

  • Adding Columns: Search and add more fields or custom fields as columns to your report. These columns will be displayed on the timesheet grid, next to the period columns and cells.

  • Promoting to Grouping Levels: Click the ">" icon next to the column name and select "Add to Grouping" to promote columns to group by levels.

  • Removing Columns: Click the ">" icon next to the column name and select "Hide columns" to remove a column.


Interactive Report

  • Logging Time: Users can log their time directly at the issue level by:

    • Clicking the "+" icon on the timesheet cell.

    • Clicking the "Log work" button when viewing the details of the summed-up values pop-up.

  • Viewing, Editing or Deleting worklogs: To view the worklogs that make up a total value for a specific day or period, click on the entry. A pop-up will appear, showing all the details of each worklog that the user has added. Users can also edit or delete their own or others' worklogs in this window.


Project and Issue display options

You have the flexibility to customize how Projects and Issues are displayed on the Timesheet report under the ... menu

  • Key only (e.g. TTT-123)

  • Summary only (e.g. My issue)

  • Both key and summary (e.g. TTT-123: My issue)


Export Timesheet

You can export your search results to an Excel or CSV file. The export duration and time format will match what appears on the reports.

Please be aware of that the total number of characters that a cell can contain in Excel is 32,767 characters. If one of the entries exceeds the number of characters, the export function will not work properly.

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