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Known Issues/Limitations

With the new feature to be able to display Epic - Issue - Sub-task hierarchy on the Timesheet report we encounter some issues and limitations and currently it is unable to display worklogs from some Issue types, eg. Issues from Discovery projecty types, Initiatives from Advanced Roadmaps.

We are sorry from the inconvenience. We’ll try to find a solution in the near future for this Issue.

Timesheet Report provides a timesheet table and a view of the worklogs in a structured form, summarized by Project, Epic, Issue, Sub-task and User

Grouping Data

Group data in your reports to help you structure your information in a meaningful way. With the Group by filter Issues can be grouped by Project, Epic, Issue, Sub-task and User. You can also display each worklog as the bottom level of your selected grouping.

To group data in a report:

  1. Click the Group by box to display a list of possible choices. Select the groups you want to add. 

  2. To remove a level of grouping, click Group by, and then click x to the right of the specified group level.

  3. To change the group by level, simply drag and drop to re-order.

You cannot place other filters after the Worklog filter because it cannot be interpreted in the data hierarchy


Each column in the timesheet represents a day, week, month, or quarter, depending on the option you select in the Period drop-down menu.

Timesheet grid

The timesheet grid will display the worklogs in a structured form based on what you selected as a Group by option.

Display in the columns:

  • In the Project, Epic, Issue, Sub-task and User columns, the following will be displayed: Project Key, Epic Key, Issue Key, Sub-task Key, User display name. Hover the mouase above the keys to see the Issue Summaries.

  • In the Summary/Description column, the following will be displayed: Issue Summary, Worklog description

  • In the Sum column, you will see the total time corresponding to the item in that row.

  • In the Total (current page) row, you will see the total time corresponding to the column.


Approval limits

The app will ask for approval in cases where the report results in a large amount of data which can slow down your browser and use a considerable amount of memory.

  • Number of columns (period) to approve is more than 1000

  • Number of rows (project, issue, user, worklog) to approve is more than 2000

  • Number of cells to approve is more than 100000

Total limits

With this amount of data, the app will not generate the report.

  • Maximum displayable column (period) is 4000

  • Maximum displayable row is 10000

  • Maximum displayable cell is 1000000


You can export your search results from this section to Excel or CSV file.

Export duration and time format will be the same as it appears on the reports.

Please be aware of that the total number of characters that a cell can contain in Excel is 32,767 characters. If one of the entries exceeds the number of characters, the export function will not work properly.

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