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Purchase app license

In Jira Cloud terms, you buy an app by subscribing to it.

To find and try Timetracker:

  1. Select the Jira settings > Apps.

  2. Click Find new apps.

Once you're there, you can use the search and filters to find our Timetracker app. To try or subscribe to it, click Free trial

If you pause the trial period, although you can re-enable the trial within the original trial period, you can't try it again beyond the original trial period. At that point, you can only subscribe to the app from the Manage apps page.

Monthly Subscription

If you have a monthly Jira subscription, the trial will convert into a full commercial license (billed monthly) if you provide a valid payment method on your account in Jira. So if you don't terminate the trial within the trial period, a subscription for the app kicks in with your next billing period.

Annual Subscription

If you have an annual Jira subscription, the billing cycle for our app will start from the last day of your current billing cycle. You’ll pay a pro-rated price for the rest of your billing period. 

Please note, that there is a major bug still in the Atlassian payment system. Sometimes if a customer on annual billing, the system will just keep looping by deactivating and reactivating the addon which restarts the trial for another 30 days. In this case customers should reach out to Atlassian support to purchase the addon. You can always reach out to licensing team directly here and the team can assist by creating a quote and directly pay for the app.

Cancel an app subscription

To end a subscription for an app, click Unsubscribe next to the app in the Manage apps page. Canceling an app takes effect immediately. If you'd like to completely stop an app from appearing in the interface, you can uninstall it.

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