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2020.10.01. Incident - Timetracker Cloud was not available

Between 2020-10-01 07:03 UTC to 2020-10-01 08:10 UTC, we experienced an outage of our Timetracker for Jira Cloud application due to a technical issue in the app’s runtime environment. The problem has been fixed and the app is now operating normally.

The app continuously synchronizes work log data available in Jira using webhooks that are necessary for its operation. Due to the fact that the downtime and the fix took more time than the current webhook retry policy, there may be an inconsistency between the data stored in the customer’s Jira and the data stored in our database. We are working to resolve this situation by re-synchronizing all the data where it is necessary. As long as the re-synchronization process runs several work logs (deleted or edited in the interval mentioned above) may appear incorrectly in the various reports.

We will update this page and notify customers when the data is resynchronized.

Update: 2020.10.05.

Customer databases has been successfully re-synchronized.

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